Traditional Catalan and seasonal cuisine with proximity product
The restaurant was previously called Café "de dalt" and was a gathering place for great composers such as Isaac Albéniz, where he spent every summer with his friends such as Menció Griful ( in the adjoining room of the restaurant (Sala Giral) where offered the best concerts of his repertoire. Throughout the nineteenth century and much of the twentieth the restaurant along with the Sala Giral was the axis and cultural engine of the history of Tiana.
Paquita and Jaume opened their restaurant on May 10, 1984. The name of "Avi Mingo" is a tribute to Jaume´s father, Domingo, and to his mother, Roser who used to be the owner. Not forgetting, also, the parents of Paquita, Cisco and Carmen, who have been a huge help in getting this far. The history of the restaurant goes back to the 19th century when it was called the Bar Giral, which together with the Giral Rooms (later the Tiana Cinema), were at the heart of Tianese culture, holding events such as plays, cinema, dances during the Festa Major , sardanas, performances of different composers, and even the last concert by Isaac Albéniz in Spain. The restaurant changed its name over time: from "Bar Giral", to the "Dalt", the "9 Pins", the "Central" ... until it finally became "Avi Mingo", Grandpa Mingo. The Giral Rooms became the Tiana Cinema which was the hub and meeting point for several generations of Tianans, until January 30th, 1984 when it had to close its doors definitively due to changes imposed by new technologies. L'Avi Mingo is an absolute point of reference for authentic Catalan cuisine, both homemade and seasonal, where, above all, the premiums quality of the local produce is celebrated.. The current family team, in addition to Paquita and Jaume, are also their 4 children, Sandra, Cristina, Jaume and Mingo who are and will be the guarantee of continuity and quality of the "l'Avi Mingo" Restaurant in Tiana. At the service of our clients and friends. Thank you.
Our Dishes
Specialties Homemade cannelloni Cod fritters "Cap i pota" with chickpeas from Astorga Beans of the "ganxet" "Escudella i carn d'olla" Cod with chickpeas from Astorga Kid grilled to the firewood Grilled meats on oak wood Starred eggs with potatoes and black sausage Astorga chickpeas from the pot or fried with bacon "Xató" in the style of Vilanova Homemade croquettes of Jabugo ham "Cassoleta" of pork feet with brava potato and mushrooms Every Friday fresh fish from Arenys de Mar Season: "Calçots" Artichokes Habitas del Maresme sautéed with black sausage and Figueres onion Rovellones a la brasa "Rossinyols" grilled or sautéed with black sausage Peas of Llavaneras "Trinxat" of Cerdanya Seasonal mushroom stew
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Monday to Sunday from 1:15 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday night from 8:15 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Weekly break: every Tuesday except holidays
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